Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Artists Create and Are Manifestors of What they Objectively Desire

Artists Create & Are Manifestors of What they Objectively Desire....
Please ponder on this for a moment...
This is what I had wrote in a dream journal as I awoke from a dream the night before. This statement was on the title of a over sized book that appeared in my dream and it was the last thing I wrote down in my dream journal.

It never ceases to amaze me how clear the sub conscious mind is. There's a lot to mind that we don't fully know or yet alone understand. As an artist I find this very interesting, but back to my original thought, or the idea that's listed above ( Artists Create & Are Manifestors of What they Objectively Desire...) artists are creators and the prolific ones are always creating. Whether they create something recognizable or not is not the point, the point is they create from a zero point, that point is where everything begins. In other words create from nothing and turning it into something. The second part is are manifestors. To manifest is to bring into the existence of reality. What they objectively desire? Everyone has a desire for something, so it depends on how specific you want that desire to be as objectionable.

The artist uses material and changes its orientation function or purpose by reconfiguration or realignment for a new purpose and meaning of the essential material. As the artist uses a plethora of materials and chooses a specific material and changes its essential or basic properties by evocation; the materials new purpose provides meaning that's personal and of value to the artist.
Drawing is a way of seeing and relating to the world through understanding.
art,artist, image maker /creator, imagination, and image

Art without feeling is the practice of visually translating what is objectionably logical through the faculties of reason.

Is the practice of visual art strictly a way of communication that is between the viewer's eyes and cerebral cortex?

Visual art is a language that's understood by the eyes...

Visual art can do a lot.
evoke,provoke emotions
communicate ideas,thoughts,experiences,relations.
Is purely abstract art any more or less irrational than representational art?

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Tobeimean Peter said...

Ah, good old mutable reality. What did that book in your dream look like ?