Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Opening Last Night

Last night at my opening reception,
Rusty Scruby's business manager Hampton L. Burwick said this. "
Great work at the gallery. Thanks for contacting me and talking to me a bit last night. You were quite the popular guy!! Hope you had a good time and got lots of interest in your work."
The exhibition was great and was crowded before the official opening.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lenticular Art

As an artist I have always been intrigued by art, technology and science. It is my belief that art and science speak the same language. Artists and scientists observe the world around them, and they both start with a hypothesis or problem by resolving it through different conclusions or results.
One of my newest explorations in this vein is lenticular imaging and technology. The basic lenticular technology has been around since the 1940's and has only improved over the years . I believe you want the viewer to be intrigued or moved by what you do. One way to achieve this effect is through lenticular imaging. This particular piece allows for a motion effect by the use of layers of the same image in multiple colors. For me, art is exploring the past, living in the moment, and utilizing the tools of the future.
My work will be for sale and on display at the Hayley Henman Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. The dates of the show will be from July 11, through September 12, 2009. Please come by and see my work.