Friday, August 19, 2016



What are spirals and vortexes? Are they optical illusions? If so, then how do I define an optical illusion? An optical illusion is a noun. It is something that deceives by producing a false sense of reality.

If optical illusions of spirals and vortexes are illusions that trick the most keen observer by creating a warped sense of reality, what is reality? Some, would argue that reality is an illusion. If so, then I must define reality. Is reality a construct or a fabrication in the mind? What about time? Is time an illusion? Maybe people feel more comfortable accepting this question. Reality and time are difficult ideas to wrap my brain around. These concepts of time and reality are abstract, as are my artworks in this blog post.

In my early education, I can recall the idea that time was on a schedule and was linear. Time is anything but linear! However, I was young and in school in need of structure. Maybe that was all an illusion in that I needed that to understand my relationship with time as a construct for my reality.

Spirals and vortexes are recorded or drawn out in time. In other words, these designs or lines are vertical lines that are warped to give the illusion that time is no longer linear, but curved as in spirals and vortexes. What if time and reality are systems that are theories which are both linear and curved?
After all, theories are just theories until someone changes the facts of misperceptions. In the end, I would argue that both are human constructs that give us order out of the chaos that is life.
Therefore, I believe we decide to choose how to observe spirals and vortexes through time. Which one is an illusion?