Wednesday, May 13, 2009


500X gallery had an opening on Saturday night on May 9 from 6-10pm. The title of the show is Delineation, the show will be up for 21 days. I am currently exhibiting and selling one of my drawings. The title of the show should give you an idea as to what you are expected to see, however it does not. The gallery has asked artists to submit a drawing or concepts that apply to the concepts of drawing. Therefore the exhibition featured more than just drawing, it also allowed for paintings, and a photograph.
Delineation is another word for drawing for those who are not familiar with art terminology. I guess that is part of the problem with terminology that applies to some contemporary artists of today. What constitutes a delineation? Is drawing with a pencil, charcoal, pen, etc the same as drawing with a brush, or film in a camera? The most obvious answer is no. Drawing is different from artist to artist and to some is rather debatable.
Could we say that almost anything could be construed as a drawing. For me drawing is making or leaving an intentional or unintentional mark on a flat or three dimensional surface, by freezing or documenting a permanent or impermanent mark.