Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Calendar for 2010

As a visual artist, I always find it challenging to put together artwork for the upcoming year on a calendar. It's simply a challenge because you want each month to be as gorgeous as the next, and hopefully annually as well. In previous years, making a calendar was a way to show my various works through different medias while focusing on the constant theme which is abstraction and illumination. Each year was a mixture of photography and digital.
This years 2010 calendar http://www.cafepress.com/clmartstore.75671458 was consistent in digital media and in the formulation of the nonobjective.
In my calendar, I have shown some new work that has stages or layers for some images I will possibly format into lenticular prints. Most of the calendar is set up to show you these individual images and how these pictures could be seen independently and beautifully on their own.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Opening Last Night

Last night at my opening reception,
Rusty Scruby's business manager Hampton L. Burwick said this. "
Great work at the gallery. Thanks for contacting me and talking to me a bit last night. You were quite the popular guy!! Hope you had a good time and got lots of interest in your work."
The exhibition was great and was crowded before the official opening.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lenticular Art

As an artist I have always been intrigued by art, technology and science. It is my belief that art and science speak the same language. Artists and scientists observe the world around them, and they both start with a hypothesis or problem by resolving it through different conclusions or results.
One of my newest explorations in this vein is lenticular imaging and technology. The basic lenticular technology has been around since the 1940's and has only improved over the years . I believe you want the viewer to be intrigued or moved by what you do. One way to achieve this effect is through lenticular imaging. This particular piece allows for a motion effect by the use of layers of the same image in multiple colors. For me, art is exploring the past, living in the moment, and utilizing the tools of the future.
My work will be for sale and on display at the Hayley Henman Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. The dates of the show will be from July 11, through September 12, 2009. Please come by and see my work.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


500X gallery had an opening on Saturday night on May 9 from 6-10pm. The title of the show is Delineation, the show will be up for 21 days. I am currently exhibiting and selling one of my drawings. The title of the show should give you an idea as to what you are expected to see, however it does not. The gallery has asked artists to submit a drawing or concepts that apply to the concepts of drawing. Therefore the exhibition featured more than just drawing, it also allowed for paintings, and a photograph.
Delineation is another word for drawing for those who are not familiar with art terminology. I guess that is part of the problem with terminology that applies to some contemporary artists of today. What constitutes a delineation? Is drawing with a pencil, charcoal, pen, etc the same as drawing with a brush, or film in a camera? The most obvious answer is no. Drawing is different from artist to artist and to some is rather debatable.
Could we say that almost anything could be construed as a drawing. For me drawing is making or leaving an intentional or unintentional mark on a flat or three dimensional surface, by freezing or documenting a permanent or impermanent mark.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Local Dallas Artist Rusty Scruby

Last week at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC), I attended an interesting film/talk by local Dallas artist Rusty Scruby. Rusty is represented by Pan American Art Projects here in Dallas. His work is really quite interesting in that his photographs, drawings, and paper works all have one underling continuity, which is mathematics. Rusty sees everything as a relationship of numbers and mathematical equations. A lot of his works remind me of logic puzzles and mind bending games. In his art talk, he mentioned a lot about the natural elements of the sky and water, which tells me he is interested in the idea of fluid dynamics. This makes sense because he is using his mind to calculate mathematical equations from his first interest of study which is aeronautical engineering.
Therefore, Rusty does not consider himself to be an artist, however, the way he composes each photograph re contextualizes the picture plane. He will make several hundred prints of the same image and weave them together, and change their overall percentage ever so slightly. His art looks as though you were seeing through the eyes of a Bee, in other words, a compound eye.
Many people feel that art and science are different from each other, but, in my view, they speak the same language. They just develop a different hypothesis or set of problems. Artists and scientists both utilize their eye as a tool to perceive the world around them by arriving at a conclusion or resolution that can be built upon with each project or experiment.
With an artist such as Rusty Scruby, we can learn how he observes the world through his perceptual experiences of mathematical rhythms that weave in and out of each other through the fabric of time.